CD-ROM Lock 2.0

Locks your CD-ROM and DVD-ROM.

A easy-to-use and powerful tool that can lock all the CD/DVD-Roms on your computer.

CD-ROM Lock can lock your CD-ROMs under Windows XP/2000/NT/2003!

CD-ROM Lock is an easy-to-use tool that can lock one or all of the CD-ROMs on your computer, ONE click to lock all CD-ROMs and ONE click to unlock all CD-ROMs.

Users can not use the locked CD-ROMs, users even can not eject the Locked CD-ROMs.

CD-ROM Lock supports hotkeys to lock/unlock CD-ROMs, can run in the background, supports password protection.

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Purchase Full Version

You can purchase CD-ROM Lock full version with just $19.95. After you purchased the software, we will send you the full version via email.

* We send your the full version as an email attachment in ZIP format. if you didn't received it over 3 business days after placed an order, please contact us and make sure your email account accept ZIP attachment.

Download free DEMO version

A DEMO version can be downloaded HERE. Its size is only about 80KB.

DEMO version Limitation:

  • Demo version can only lock the first CD-ROM device.
  • Demo version will automatically unlock the locked CD-ROMs each 5 minutes.
  • Demo version can only be used for 15 days.

CD-ROM Lock supports Windows XP/2000/NT/2003, CD-ROM Lock doesn't support Windows 98/Me.

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Version: 2.0
Size: 80 KB
Platforms: Windows XP, 2000, NT4

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