Computer Sweeper 2.1

Use Computer Sweeper to find and clear junk files from your computer, save disk space, speed up your computer.

Scans your disks for junk files and erase found junk files easily. By using Computer Sweeper, you can easily find out junk files and erase them. Computer Sweeper also can erase the Cache, cookies, typed urls, history of Internet Explorer, erase the recent documents list and recent run list of Windows. by using its powerful additional tools, you even can delete one or more individual entries of those history data.

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  • With its unique technology, Computer Sweeper can completely scan your disks in seconds. It only takes few seconds to scan for junks on a large disk.
  • The powerful additional tool allows you to manage the entries of Cookies, Caches etc, you can delete one or more items of these history data by using the tool.
  • The "disks information" page shows you the total size and free size for each disk or whole disks. you can also get the detail information for these disks, like total amount of folders, the amount of sub-folders and files in each folder, the size of each folder etc.
  • Computer Sweeper has included the most known junk types in its junk list, and it also allows you to add any new junk type to it.
  • You can sort the found junk files in the list windows by the file name, file size or last modified date. in fact all the list window in this software can be sorted by clicking the column bar above the list window or right-clicking and choose "Sort" menu item of the popup menu.
  • Provides the function to allows you to save your current settings and restore the settings at any time.

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Computer Sweeper

Version: 2.1
Size: 646 KB
Platforms: Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, 98/Me

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