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Q: I could not get the software registered with my registration?

A: Please check the following issues:

  • It's always recommended to COPY & PASTE the registration in order to avoid mistakes:
    The registration you entered to the software must be exactly same to the registration in the order email, the registration name is case sensitive and the registration code must contain the character "-" between each part. The best way to avoid any possible mistake is to copy and paste the registration.
  • It needs the administrator permission to save its registration:
    To get the product registered successfully, you normally need to login to Windows as one of the administrator users. On Windows Vista and later, please run the main program "as administrator".
  • Old version may not accept the registration:
    If you are using an old version, then it's recommended to upgrade to the newest version. Some of the old versions may not accept the registration for newest version.
  • Registration Code is not Order ID (Order Number, Ref Number):
    Please note if the software ask you to enter the registration code, the registration code is not the Order ID, also is not the product ID.
  • If you got "cannot verify registration" message:
    The product needs to connect to the internet to verify the registration, either it could not connect to our server, or our server could not verify the registration. When this happens, please contact us.
  • Desktop Lock:
    Desktop Lock doesn't accept the registration for Desktop Lock Business Edition, on the other hand, Desktop Lock Business Edition also will not accept the registration for Desktop Lock common version. To check the edition information: Click "About" in the main window of Desktop Lock, there should be "Business Edition" if it is Business Edition. Plus, the setup file of Desktop Lock Business Edition is "dlbinst.exe", the "dlsetup.exe" is the setup file of Desktop Lock common version.


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