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Q: Virtual Screen: How can I use Open Office 3.x in Virtual Screen?

A: Open Office 3.x will always be shown on the real desktop, even you launch it in the virtual desktop. This is because the \program\soffice.exe is a helper program for creating the instance of the main program \program\soffice.bin, and it will force all the instances to be on the real desktop.

To use Open Office in Virtual Screen, you have to do some modification to the Open Office, and add a new path to the system PATH variable. The steps:

1. Open the program folder of Open Office, normally it is "C:\Program Files\OpenOffice.org 3\program".
2. Rename soffice.exe to soffice.bak.exe, we don't want to use this helper program.
3. Rename soffice.bin to soffice.exe, this is the actual main program.
4. Click Start - Run, input sysdm.cpl and click OK to run it.
5. In "System Properties" dialog box, click the tab Advanced, and then click button Environment Variables.
6. Locate the variable name Path in the "System variables" list box, and double-click to edit it.
7. Move cursor to the end of the input box, append the following string:

;C:\Program Files\OpenOffice.org 3\URE\bin

, and click OK 3 times to return.

Note there is a ";" in front of the string. The paths in the system PATH variable are separated by the letter ";".

This step is important, it actually adds the BIN folder of the Open Office to the PATH variable, so that the main program can know where to find those DLL files, this was the task of the helper program (the original soffice.exe), now we do not use that helper program, so we must add the BIN path manually.

8. Now try to launch the Open Office as you did before, if it worked then all have been done, you can use it in Virtual Screen as other programs.


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