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Q: Configure DTLEP to auto-lock computer for all users?

A: There are several conditions: a) it must be run as administrator so that the configuration will apply to all users; b) the DTLEP.exe must be put into a folder that all users have "execute" permission so it can be launched by all users, e.g. the Program Files folder.

Q: Can I use Desktop Lock Express on Windows 8?

A: The DTLEP supports Windows 8. But if you set it to automatically lock the system after computer booted, because the classic desktop won't be shown after logged on, the unlock interface will not be visible. To show the unlock interface, you can press Ctrl+Alt+Del to bring the window with "Lock computer" etc., and then press ESC to return.

Q: Why does it show a "Run as user" dialog box when I try to register it?

A: Only administrators can register the software. If you run DTLEP under a limited user account, you will then be asked to launch it as administrator (note if you still launch it as limited user, DTLEP won't allow you to register it). DTLEP also will unlock the system before showing the register window, so that you will be allowed to copy and paste the registration code.


Desktop Lock Express

Version: 2.2.0
Size: 98.5 KB / 80.7 KB
Platforms: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10

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