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Q: Why does a non-internet program try to access internet on port 137?

A: Windows uses the port 137 for NetBIOS. When a program tries to browse for a file (e.g.: File/Open), Windows may automatically create a connection on port 137. If you have protected the port 137, or a rule with [Any Port] or port range (e.g.: 1-65535) protects it, Internet Lock may ask for password on the program, or deny the connection (depends on the action of the rule).
Normally this is done by using the UDP protocol, in the old version (5.1 and earlier) Internet Lock will not protect the UDP, so it will never capture this. Version 5.2 and laters also protects the UDP connections, so it may ask for password or show the notification message.


Internet Lock

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Platforms: Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 2008

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