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Q: Why do you provide the One Click Backup, there is already the Auto Backup feature?

A: One Click Backup is different to Auto Backup. You use One Click Backup to automatically backup your data at any time. You can run the Auto Backup task at any time but you need to open the "Scheduled Tasks" folder and right-click on the task and choose "Run". One Click Backup can be started by launching a shortcut, after you have put the shortcut icon on your desktop or any location. You can use the special parameter of the Auto Backup to do the same thing, but for users who are not familiar with the command line parameters, providing an One Click Backup feature will be useful.

Q: Can I use the restore mode "append" on all email clients and programs?

A: No. The append mode is only for Outlook and Outlook Express. The Windows Mails doesn't support multiple identities so that we can not use the append mode on it.

Q: It always could not restore the "Index.dat"?

A: The Index.dat is a special file in Windows, it will be always opened and locked by the Windows kernel, and Windows will never close it even you closed all programs including the Windows Explorer. OE Backup provides the "reboot-to-copy" feature in the "Options" page, you enable it then restore the data again, the OE Backup will prompt you that you need to reboot your computer to complete the restore progress. The file will be restored successfully after you rebooted your computer.

Q: The Windows Mail and/or the Outlook are disabled (grayed) in the list box?

A: OE Backup will automatically disable the b/r (backup/restore) component for that email client if the email client is not installed on your computer. For example: On Windows XP, the Windows Mail will always be disabled, You can not backup the data for it because there is no Windows Mail on Windows XP system.

Q: The plug-in is invisible if I disabled it?

A: There are two kinds of b/r components: The major components are for email clients (Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail etc) and they will be shown always. The plug-ins are for other programs and Windows components, they will be hidden if you disabled them.

Q: Can I backup the data from a remote computer?

A: OE Backup can only backup the data for the email clients and programs on your local computer.

Q: Can I save the backup files to CD-R or DVD-R?

A: You are not allowed to specify the backup files directly to CD-R or DVD-R, but you can burn the backup files to CD-R/DVD-R.

Q: I am using the OE Backup on Windows Vista, is there any limitation?

A: Normally, OE Backup can be used to backup/restore data on Vista without extra settings. But you should have known that even you logged in Windows Vista as an administrator you are not actually the administrator. If OE Backup failed to backup/restore any data item, you then can try to run it "as administrator".
The option "Enable shell file types" needs you to run the OE Backup "as administrator", because the software has no permisson to access the special registry entries in Windows Vista if you didn't run it as administrator.


OE Backup

Version: 5.0.1
Size: 1.29 MB
Platforms: Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, 98/Me, Vista

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