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Q: I can not password protect some programs?

A: A few programs can not be protected with the normal method, you must use the "Drag and Drop" mode to protect those programs. Please follow the steps:

1. Open the program you want it to be protected.

2. Open Password Door.

3. Click at the "Target" icon in the main window of the Password Door and hold your mouse button, then move the mouse to the main window of the program you want it to be protected.

4. Release the mouse button, then Password Door will pop up a dialog box, please empty the contents of the "Window Title" input box, then click "OK" to return.

This way the Password Door can protect most of the programs on your Computer.

Q: Why doesn't it allow me to password protect Windows Explorer or Password Door itself?

A: It will cause some system errors if Password Door protected the Windows Explorer, so the software will not allow you to protect the Windows Explorer. You don't need to protect Password Door itself, because it has already had the password protection feature.

Q: [Obsolete] How to use the "Window Class Name" option?

A: That option was provided by the older version and in the new version you don't need to use it. That option allows you to specify the class name of the main window of a protected program. Some programs will created a new executable file in the temporary folder and launch the temporary executable file instead of launching the executable file you protected, so you can then specify the class name of the main window to protect that program always.
The Window Class Name feature will be automatically enabled when you protecting a program by using the "Drag and Drop" method. So if you can not protect a program by double-clicking on the installed programs list, you can use the "Target" icon to capture the program, then the Window Class Name will be automatically enabled.

Q: Can I use the Password Door to protect the Internet Explorer or any web browser?

A: Password Door can be used to protect Internet Explorer, or any 3rd party web browser, but it is recommended to use the Internet Lock to protect the web browsers, you can download a free trial on our web site. This is because the Windows system is based on the Internet Explorer, you even can use the Windows Explorer to access web sites, so it is not safe enough to protect only the Internet Explorer by using the Password Door. Users can still be able to access internet using Firefox, Netscape, AOL or even Windows Explorer.

Q: Protect True Image Home?

A: When protect True Image Home, you must change the default termination mode. To do this, click "Advanced" button in the protection item window to switch to the advanced settings page, and then select "Close the window only" under the section "If a program is denied" (the default is "terminate the program"), click OK to confirm.


Password Door

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