Free Get Command Line Tool

A free tool to help you to get command line information about any program, include the parameters.

Get Command Line tool is a free program that can be used to get the command line information of any program, including the parameters. It is very easy to use it: simply move the mouse to any window of any program, then the command line information of the program will be shown in the main window of the tool, and you also can copy the command line information to clipboard.

We offer this tool to all of our users for free, you need not to pay to us for using this program. Of course, you also can use this program for getting the command line information of any program even you do not use our products.

This tool is only about 20 KB for downloading, it don't need to be installed before you can use it, so you can just download the program (, then extract the downloaded ZIP file to any folder and start to use it.

Use Get Command Line tool with:

Virtual Screen:

Virtual Screen is a component of Desktop Lock Business Edition, it can be used to create virtual desktops to limit users to use the programs you specified only. Please visit the support page of Desktop Lock Business Edition for more information.

Internet Lock:

Internet Lock can be used to password protect your internet connections. One of its features is to deny or password protect a program from accessing internet.

Password Door:

Password Door is a software product that will add password protection feature to any program on your computer. There are many great programs that have no password protection feature, Password Door will enable the password protection to those programs.

Password Door and Internet Lock have had the features to help you to get the path to a program easily, so normally you don't need to use this free tool with the Password Door and Internet Lock. The tool is designed for the Virtual Screen of Desktop Lock, sometimes you will need to use individual parameters for a program in the Virtual Screen.


It is very easy to use this tool: You just launch the program, then move the mouse to any window of the program you want to get its command line information, then the command line and parameters information will be shown in the main window of this tool. You can click "Copy" button to copy the command line to clipboard.

There are several options and buttons:

Short path name format:

This will force the tool to show the path of the programs in short path name format, this option will not affect the parameters.

No parameters:

This will remove the parameters from the command line.

Always on top:

The main window of the tool will remain in front of all other windows.

Normal, Lowercase, Uppercase:

Show the command line in different format.


Copy the command line information to clipboard.


Click to stop the tool, then it will no longer get the command line information when you moving mouse, click this button again to enable it again, it then will continue to get the command line information.


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